CAP (Civil Air Patrol) Grid Added to Website and Free FltPlan Go App for Android and iPad
The CAP (Civil Air Patrol) Grid, an essential search and rescue tool, can be downloaded for offline use on the FltPlan Go apps: Downloads > Maps > Layers > Download CAP Grid. The grid can also be accessed from the FltPlan website: Main Menu > Enroute Charts > CAP Grid.

FltPlan on Twitter
If you haven't been following FltPlan on Twitter, now is the time to start. With access to FltPlan tweets, you can be among the first to get news about our changes and enhancements. FltPlan on Twitter is a great resource for helpful tips, useful information, and information about updates to the website and FltPlan Go app.

FltPlan and ADS-B
The free FltPlan Go app for iPad is now compatible with five ADS-B receivers: Sagetech Clarity, Dual XGOS170, Flight Data System's Pathfinder, iLevil AW, and the SkyRadar D2/DX.

FltPlan offers Velocity Weather by Baron™
FltPlan has added Velocity Weather by Baron Services™ to offer our users a selection of real-time predictive weather information. FltPlan users can integrate weather data featuring sophisticated weather graphics, with their flight plan route on high/low IFR charts and VFR sectionals. With Velocity Weather by Baron Services™ FltPlan users have access to U.S. and Canadian weather data with selectable weather overlays for routes and maps.

FltPlan Adds Free Canadian Flight Supplement, VNCs, and Geo-referenced Approach Charts and Airport Diagrams
FltPlan provides flight planning to, from, and intra Canada. Features include the Canadian Flight Supplement, VNCs (Canadian Sectionals), Canadian Airport Diagrams, Geo-referenced Approach Charts and Airport Diagrams, and Moving Maps.

FltPlan Completes Rapid Decompression Testing for Android Tablets
FltPlan completed the Federal Aviation Administration's required rapid decompression testing for Android tablets. The tests were successful, showing the Android’s integrity in the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Tests were conducted to an altitude of 51,000. This means your Android tablet can be FAA-approved for in-flight use.

Testing was performed on four different Android tablets made by two different manufacturers: Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, and ASUS MeMO. View the testing video here.

FltPlan will be making these test results available, so FltPlan users can use it to become certified by the FAA to use android devices in their aircraft. Last week we announced that FltPlan Go is available on the Android. This great tool allows you to keep FltPlan at your fingertips in-flight and offline. Android FltPlan Go’s latest version includes:

FltPlan Celebrates 15 Years
Establised in 1999, FltPlan is now celebrating 15 years of providing free flight planning / filing and other services. We thank our users, advertisers for making our 15-year anniversary possible. Here's to another 15 years!

FltPlan Adds Mexican APIS Service
FltPlan is now an approved provider of APIS data to the Mexican government.

As of January 1, 2014, Mexico now requires pilots to submit electronic Advanced Passenger Information (APIS) to the Mexican government before every flight entering or exiting Mexico. The fine for not complying can be as much as $5000.00. FltPlan submits your Mexican APIS electronically and provides a dedicated 24-hour phone number to comply with the Mexican requirement to send your electronic manifest after the cabin door is closed.

To enroll, please contact our Premium Services office at 731-855-8000.


12/19/13 • Free checklist tool now available on Android and iPad apps.
You can now enter your checklists into your account and use them on your iPad or Android device. Access this feature by clicking on the Tools button on the left side of the Main Menu page then select the Checklist link. For detailed instructions, see our Checklist Tutorial.

11/25/13 • Free geo-referenced approach charts on FltPlan Go.
In addition to Geo-Referenced Taxi Charts, our FltPlan Go iPad app now has Geo-Referenced Approach Charts for the entire U.S.

11/6/13 • Up-To-Date fuel prices now available on our free Android app.
Our free Android app now includes our full database of up-to-date fuel prices for more than 3,300 FBOs. You can access current fuel prices by going to the FltDeck Guide and selecting the airport.

11/6/13 • Donor method for transferring Weight & Balance profiles.
Quickly transfer a Weight & Balance profile from one FltPlan account to another. From the Weight & Balance page:

          •  Select the aircraft tail number from the Add/Edit/Delete Profile drop-down menu
          •  Enter the Donor's username and tail number in the Copy Profile fields
          •  Click Copy

10/1/13 • FltPlan Go app for iPad is available on the App Store.
FltPlan Go features include: rubber banding for flight planning, the ability to create and edit offline routes, breadcrumbs, XMWX Weather from Baron Services, ADS-B weather and traffic using Sagetech Clarity receiver, geo-referenced taxi charts, geo-referenced IFR approach charts, helicopter routes and TAC charts, graphical SUAs (Special Use Airspace) for offline use, multiple binders for easy access to necessary information, the ability to save notes and highlight on multiple approach charts, enhanced FBO information, current fuel prices, downloadable street map for offline viewing.

9/4/13 •  Find the paper charts you need with our Chart Finder.
The Chart Finder, available on the FltPlan Chart Store at Store.FltPlan.com, offers a complete listing of the charts needed for your trip. Enter the departure and arrival airports and the Chart Finder will tell you which sectionals, jet charts, victor charts or approach plates you need. The Chart Finder also provides links for ordering individual charts or a subscription so that you can stay current.

7/24/13 • Helicopter route charts added to selection of Charts & Maps.
Helicopter route charts are now offered on the FltPlan website. To find them click on the Charts and Maps link on the left side of the Main Menu page then enter your airport pair in the Sectionals with TFRs and Weather. Check Helicopter Routes in the list of available map layers. You can also access the helicopter routes from the links on the NavLog.

6/27/13 • Get PDCs from FltPlan Android and iPad apps.
In addition to receiving PDCs through email or from the website, subscribers to FltPlan's PDC service can get PDCs directly from the FltPlan Android and iPad apps. For information on our PDC service click here.

5/20/13 • New features for viewing sectionals added to Charts and Maps.
Toggle TAC charts on and off and select weather radar, airspace and TFRs, state outlines, airports, victor airways, and jet airways. These new features work on large screens for easier long range flight planning. To view sectionals click on the Charts and Maps button on the left side of the Main Menu.

5/1/13 • Get Pre-Departure Clearances online via email/text message.
PDCs for aircraft without a datalink box can be sent to PDC service subscribers via email or text message. Click here for information about our PDC service.

5/1/13 • FltPlan Mobile available for Blackberry Playbook.
Available on the Blackberry World App Store, the app features approach charts, A / FD, flight tracking, weather briefings, Runway Wind Calculator, eLogbook, and Weight & Balance tools, and more.

2/28/13 • Weight & Balance program now available on the FltPlan iPad app.
Import Weight & Balance information to the iPad app from the FltPlan website. Once the data is imported into the app, it is available for offline use – no internet connection required.

5/1/13 • FltPlan Mobile Available for Blackberry Playbook
Features include Approach Charts, A / FD, Weight &: Balance, eLogbook, Flight Tracking, Weather briefinfs, runway wind calculator, and more.

5/1/13 • Runway Wind Calculator for Android mobile app.
Enter your landing runway winds, including gust factors, on the app and the crosswind and headwin/tailwind components will be displayed. In addition, colored cautions and warnings are displayed when user-defined limited are exceeded. Tailwind warnings.

2/28/13 • Weight & Balance Program Now Available on the FltPlan iPad App
Import Weight & Balance information to the iPad app from the FltPlan website. Once the data is imported into the app, it is available for offline use – no internet connection required.

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