Privacy Policy

FltPlan does not give any information that you provide to any entity, except for the following:

  • If you file an IFR flight plan, we submit the necessary information to the FAA, or international counterpart, so that your flight plan can be processed.
  • If you use, or attempt to use FltPlan, in an unlawful manner, FltPlan will cooperate with any law enforcement agency in providing information you may have entered.
  • We will provide information the FAA or NTSB, or international conterparts, for any accident / incident investigation involving one of your flights.

FltPlan does not sell, barter, or give any information you have entered to advertisers, organizations, collection agencies, etc. FltPlan does not share information with anyone except as stated above.

FltPlan requires a unique username and password when you register so we can retrieve stored routes, aircraft registration numbers, and custom aircraft performance you enter. In addition, we require your e-mail address so we can contact should the need arise.