Where are all the pilots?

The pilots that you're looking for are on FltPlan.

FltPlan.com is the premier flight planning website serving the North and Central American general aviation markets. Our users filed more than 1.98 million flight plans in 2022, accounting for more than 46% of all N#-registered flight plans filed for jets and turboprops.

FltPlan advertisers are tapped into an audience 172,000-plus active users — key influencers and decision makers — who rely on FltPlan.com and the FltPlan Go companion app for flight planning and filing, essential trip-support tools, and aviation services. FltPlan.com offers a range of advertising positions, at competitive rates, designed to deliver your message to this engaged audience of active pilots and aviation professionals.

Over 172,000 registered users

More than 1,983,832 million flight plans filed in 2022

1,775,379average monthly pageviews

Monthly user sessions: 427,598

Advertising Positions & Rates

Ad Position Ad Size/Rotation Rate
Log In Page 500x250/1 in 4 $2,650/Month
Main Menu 1 + General Rotation 728x90/1 in 6 $675/Week
Main Menu 2 728x90/1 in 6 $2,350/Month
Flight Plan Creation + Quick Info 600x300/1 in 10 $1,500/Month
Weather Page 300x600/1 in 5 $1,000/Month
Flight Tracking Page 300x600 and 728x90/1 in 5 $250/Month
Airport/FBO Search (Fuel Brands Only) 600x300/1 in 4 $500/Month
FltPlan Go Mobile App 400x200 and 200x100/1 in 6 $1,650/Month
FltBrief Sponsorship 450x225 $1,575/Issue
Flight Plan Entry - Aircraft Specific 728x90 Price Varies by AC Profile
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