Where are all the pilots?

The pilots that you're looking for are on FltPlan.

FltPlan has grown to be the largest provider of general aviation flight planning services in North America. Over 165,000 registered users, comprised of pilots and aviation professionals, rely on FltPlan to meet their pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight planning and filing needs. FltPlan files more than 55% of all flight plans for N#-registered aircraft - more than 70% of flight plans for N#-registered jets and turboprops.

FltPlan offers flight planning and filing for North America and Central America along with a variety of other services including, FBO and Airport Information, Flight Tracking, Certified CBP eAPIS Submissions, SMS (IS-BAO and ACSF), Runway Analysis, Weight & Balance, eLogbook, Checklists, Mexican/Caribbean/Central American handling, Mexican and Cuban overflight services, Pre-Departure Clearances, FAA-Approved Certified Weather, and much more. In addition, FltPlan supports iPad, Android and Windows 10 devices with the free FltPlan Go app, a powerful in-flight companion to the FltPlan website.

FltPlan continues to grow and add services to address the needs of private pilots, professional pilots, and flight departments.

70% of N#-registered Flight Plans Filed for Turbo Props & Jets

More than 165,000 Active, Registered Users

Flight Plans Created in 2017: 6,326,175

6,794,675 FAA Legal Weather Briefings Provided in 2017

3,907,266 Monthly Page Views

Monthly User Sessions: 887,649

82,318 Unique Aircraft Profiles

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Ad Position Ad Size/Rotation Rate
Log In Page 500x250/1 in 4 $2,500/Month
Main Menu 1 728x90/1 in 6 $500/Week
Main Menu 2 728x90/1 in 6 $2,250/Month
Flight Plan Creation 600x300/1 in 12 $1,200/Month
Weather Page 300x600/1 in 10 $900/Month
Weather Page 300x600/1 in 20 $450/Month
Flight Tracking Page 300x600 and 728x90/1 in 5 $250/Month
Quick Info/Nearby Airport 600x300/1 in 10 $500/Month
Airport/FBO Search (Fuel Brands Only) 600x300/1 in 4 $650/Month
Flight Plan Entry - Aircraft Specific 728x90 Price Varies by AC Profile
Mobile Apps 400x200 and 200x100/1 in 5 $1,500/Month
FltBrief Sponsorship 110x90 and 728x90/Exclusive $1,500/Issue
Pilots Services 728x90 $200/Year
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