Runway Analysis by Aircraft Performance Group™

With FltPlan's runway analysis program, in partnership with Aircraft Performance Group (APG), you have the ability to depart at heavier gross weights than other take-off performance programs allow using traditional climb gradient information only.

Runway Analysis

FltPlan's runway analysis provides engine-out Special Departure Procedures that utilize APG's proprietary Airport Analyzer. This product is a GIS application which performs terrain and obstacle analysis along a specific ground track based upon a defined set of operational rules. The analysis searches through a complex set of numerous sources of databased electronic obstacle and terrain. All performance data is based on programs written in accordance with the manufacturer's Airplane Operating Manual and Flight Manual in compliance with the respective authoritative agencies (FAA, CAA, etc.).

Key features:

Runway Analysis Resources


$1020 per aircraft per year


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Runway Analysis and all other premium services are non-refundable.