FBO Tracking

Access FBO tracking easily from within your FltPlan.com account or from our dedicated FBO Tracking web page FBOtracking.com to view our updated mapping experience with state-of-the-art, interactive maps that show detailed traffic information coming into your airport. FBO Tracking offers the accuracy and convenience that you expect from FltPlan.com

Key features include on FBOtracking.com & FltPlan.com:

  • U.S. or Local Map view options
  • Display Proposed, Landed, or Airborne aircraft
  • Detailed flight information for each aircraft, including departure/arrival airports, departure/arrival times, aircraft type, aircraft model, status, and type of flight (general aviation or commercial)
  • Custom views and map options allow you to adjust the opacity of the weather layer and customize your view to show airports, routes, and dark/light
  • Quick links to FltPlan.com Flight Tracking, Airport Information, Weather Reports, Quick Info, and Stored Aircraft
  • Airport History lets you see departure or arrival history by number of days or number of flights

We offer two competitively-priced packages:

FBO Flight Tracking • $20.00 per month

  • Search for a specific aircraft as long as the N# is not blocked
  • Monitor your home airport, all arrivals, and all departures
  • Map options: Show which A/C that are arriving locally into your airport or from the full US
    • This feature will also show the N numbers of the aircraft, if they are not blocked. If you are located at a commercial airport you have the option of filtering out commercial aircraft that are arriving and departing from your location.
  • Choose other airports manually and see the arriving and departing aircraft from that airport (shown as a flight listing, instead of a map)
  • Stored Aircraft Flight History - See past flights for the previous 3 months.
  • Airport History for your home airport - View the last 200 flights or the current month and the previous 6 months of airport history

FBO PLUS Flight Tracking • $24.95 per month

All the same great features of our regular package, plus:

  • Stored Aircraft Flight History – See past flights from the current month and the previous 6 months on an aircraft that is in your aircraft profile
  • E-Mail notifications – Input up to 20 email addresses for notifications as to when a plane will be landing or departing from your airport. This can also be sent via text to a cell phone if you happen to be away from your computer.

To learn more about our FBO and Flight Tracking services, call 1-800-FLT-PLAN or email sales@FltPlan.com.