Blocking Your Tail Number

All blocking requests are handled by the FAA.

Two levels of blocking are available:

Subscriber Level Blocking • Block at this level if you need to track your aircraft.

The FAA coordinates with all ASDI vendors to have your aircraft registration number blocked from their respective programs. Blocking the aircraft registration at the Subscriber Level removes the aircraft registration from the aircraft flight data.

FAA Source Blocking • Block at this level if you do not need to track your aircraft.

For a higher level of security, operators may choose to block their aircraft flight data at the Source Level which will remove all aircraft flight data before it is transmitted to the ASDI vendors. This means the information never reaches any ASDI vendor and is not incorporated into their system. Blocking at this level will prevent you from tracking your blocked tail number.

One major change being made by the FAA, is that there is now an easier way for aircraft owners to submit requests via an online fillable web page. Here is a link to the page. The link for submitting a request is located on the upper right labeled "File a Request Now, Get Started".

Tracking Your Aircraft has developed an easy way for authorized owners and operators to track their aircraft using any of our Premium Flight Tracking service levels.

Important Note: You must use the FAA option of Subscriber Level Blocking if you would like to track your aircraft but have it blocked to the public.

Start the process by emailing the Tracking Authorization Form, Tracking Authorization Form (PDF) or Tracking Authorization Form (MS-Word), and a copy of the aircraft registration to

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