Cuban FlagOverflight permits are necessary for private
non-revenue and charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights on most routes over Cuba.

Cuba has determined that they are providing ATC services to aircraft that do not satisfy their requirements for exemption without the appropriate compensation. They are changing how they apply their regulations going forward. Cuban regulations indicate that aircraft owners who fly over Cuba with the intent to visit a country for tourism purposes are exempt from paying Cuban permit and airspace fees.

In addition, operators participating in aviation events or flying clubs with the intent to promote aviation are also exempt from these fees. U.S. regulations have recently been modified so that operators of U.S. registered aircraft may contact the Cuban authorities directly to request a permit and to make payment for any fees related to the overflight permit.

The Cuban Civil Aviation Department will exempt a flight from permit and airspace fees ONLY if:

  • The aircraft has a MTOW of less than 6,600 lbs.
  • The owner-pilot contacts them directly to request the permit and explain the purpose of the flight and provide any requested corroborating documentation.
  • The owner is at the controls and the flight is for tourism or an aviation-related event.
Flights that do not meet these requirements will be assessed a permit fee and an airspace fee based on the MTOW of the aircraft. These fees will have to be paid in Euros to a bank in Panama via an intermediary bank.

FltPlan has a simple and easy service available.To request a quote for a Cuban Overflight Permit, log in to your FltPlan account and click on Premium Services then Cuban Overflight on the Main Menu.

Note: Once your application has been submitted, processing may take up to 24 hours depending on the date of your flight.

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