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FltPlan is a free Flight Planning website for General Aviation pilots.
You can use the links below for fast access to up-to-date information, or become a registered user to create & file customized flight plans (and much more). produces more IFR flight plans than any other on-line service provides free FAA Approved Certified QICP Weather
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FBO's Update Fuel Prices

A comprehensive fuel program designed to increase the efficiency and success of your flight department.

Airport Info
Find information on an airport
using a 3 or 4 letter Identifier
or using an Airport Name
Find Nearby Airports
Find the airports closest to your destination
by entering a city/town name,
a zip code, or Airport ID.
Approach Charts
Two great ways to get the latest IFR approach plates:
Fast loading GIF format for viewing
and PDF format for printing.
Get the lastest Radar & Weather Charts,
METARS, TAFs, City Forecasts, Winds Aloft,
all in an easy to use format.
Quick Flight Information
Quickly find the information you need for planning a flight,
including Distances, ETEs, Weather, Fuel Stop locations,
Approach Plates, Hotel info and more
Enroute Charts

Navaids & Airspace Fixes

Flight Tracking for General Aviation
Affordable Flight Tracking Services

Flight Tracking for Pilots and Flight Departments

Flight Tracking for Airports and FBO's

VIP TRACKING ( passenger tracking )

Call: 1.800.FLTPLAN
affordable Flight Tracking

Emergency Backup Site (
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